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We specialise in providing credit life insurance services to debt counsellors and pay the highest referral fee in the industry, regardless of the size of the debt counsellor.

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What We Do

DC Credit Protect provides credit life insurance to the clients of debt counsellors, ensuring that they are protected and saving money. In the process debt counsellors are provided with a very lucrative recurring revenue stream in the form of a referral fee. Our premiums and benefits are extremely competitive, and we always ensure that the client is placed in a better position.

Credit life insurance covers the premiums of your credit agreements in the event of death, permanent or temporary disability, retrenchment and dreaded disease.

Being specialists in credit life insurance, we believe debt counsellors should be rewarded properly for referring their clients to us. We pay the highest referral fee in the industry, regardless of the size of the debt counselor.

Our system software is integrated with most of the existing debt counselling front ends and Payment Distribution Agencies and we can integrate with any system in order to accommodate your needs.


for Debt Counselling clients

Debt Counselling clients pay for credit life insurance on almost all their credit agreements and these premiums are worked into the credit instalments and in most cases the credit providers are receiving a very large portion of the premium. The higher the premium, the more money the credit providers make. This comes at the expense of the client and most clients are not even aware that they have this insurance or that the premiums are included in their credit instalments.

By replacing the existing credit life insurance policies with the DCCP policy, the clients have the same benefits, but pay a lower premium. This could save them thousands of rands per month and enable them to afford a bigger repayment instalment.

All their credit agreements are covered by the DCCP policy, which makes the claim process much easier for the client. The whole claim process is facilitated by DC Credit Protect.

for Debt Counsellors

By working with DC Credit Protect, debt counsellors are provided with a very lucrative recurring monthly revenue stream, as a significant portion of every premium in respect of clients referred to us, are paid over to them. This is similar to the recurring aftercare fee that debt counsellors receive.

In some cases, the saving that is given to clients enable certain people to qualify for debt review, where they would otherwise not be able to afford a reasonable repayment instalment to their credit providers.

The process requires very little time or labour from the debt counsellor.

Who We Are

We are a dynamic company with the sole purpose of providing credit life insurance services to debt counsellors.

Our logo represents the close relationship between ourselves, debt counsellors and their clients. DC Credit Protect is managed by two highly experienced professionals and serves debt counsellors all over South Africa.

Vic Hoops

Vic Hoops


Vic, an exceptional leader, has been employed on an executive level by AngloGold Ashanti, Simmer & Jack Mines, First Uranium and Durban Roodepoort Deep, where he was the chief negotiator with unions and associations.

He is widely recognised for his diligence and superb relationship management.

Eddie Greeff

Eddie Greeff


Eddie is one of the most experienced individuals in South Africa pertaining to credit life insurance and has played a pivotal role in establishing and managing insurance call centres for some of the most prominent companies in the country.

He is a qualified key individual with the FSCA and has 22 years' in the insurance industry.

Underwritten by African Unity Life

DC Credit Protect is underwritten by African Unity Life, a company who has been in operation for 23 years and who has in excess of 3 million policies in their portfolio.

African Unity Life

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