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Creating Annuity Revenue Streams for Debt Counsellors

What We Do

We believe in forging lasting relationships with Debt Counsellors, empowering them and their clients to have more.


DC Credit Protect partners with Debt Counsellors, no matter how big or small, providing them with annuity revenue streams for referring their clients to us for insurance cover.

We specialise in providing the following insurance cover to Debt Counselling clients:

  • Credit Life Insurance

DCCP Credit Life Insurance covers the instalments of your clients’ credit agreements in the event of death, permanent or temporary disability, retrenchment, and dread diseases. In terms of the National Credit Act, credit life insurance is mandatory for credit agreements and therefore Debt Counselling clients pay for credit life insurance on almost all their credit agreements. These premiums are worked into the credit instalments and in most cases, it is exorbitant, which comes at the expense of the client. Most clients are not even aware that they have this insurance or that the premiums are included in their credit instalments. The Act gives a client the right to obtain cover elsewhere and by replacing the existing credit life insurance policies with the DCCP policy, your clients have the same benefits, but pay a lower premium. This could save them thousands of rands per month. In some cases, the saving even enables people to qualify for debt review, where they would otherwise not have been able to afford a reasonable repayment instalment to their credit providers.

  • Income Protection Cover

Your clients’ greatest asset is their ability to earn an income. The DCCP Income Protector helps them to protect that asset. There are 3 different options to choose from, which have been designed to pay your client a monthly income in case of the following events: • Accident and Illness • Unemployment/Inability to Earn an Income • Dread Diseases This cover is not only beneficial to your clients, but it also ensures that you retain your income when any of the above mentioned events happens to your clients.

  • Funeral Cover

DCCP Funeral Cover pays a specified amount of money in the event of a death, ensuring that the costs of a funeral will be covered so that family members do not have to struggle financially at this difficult time. DCCP has designed 3 options to choose from, catering specifically for the needs of Debt Counselling clients. These policies cover the client, their spouse and up to 5 children.  It is imperative for Debt Counselling clients to have funeral cover in place, not only to cover themselves, but also loved ones, as the costs associated with the death of a loved one can cause the client to derail from the debt review process.

Our insurance products have great benefits to Debt Counsellors and their clients.

Our premiums and their benefits are very competitive, and the client is always placed in a better position.

Why Partner With Us


• Additional Revenue Streams

You will create up to 3 additional monthly annuity revenue streams by merely referring your clients to us and adding value to them in the process.

• Annuity Income

Annuity income means that you will continuously receive a monthly income from every client successfully referred to us, till the day that they stop paying. This is similar to the recurring aftercare fee that Debt Counsellors receive. As you will be referring new clients every month, your annuity book will grow monthly. Annuity income significantly increases the value of your business and cashflow, which is vital during times when business is slow.

• Continued Income

You will continue to earn income from your clients for long as they pay their DCCP premiums, even after they have exited debt review.

• Retention of clients

Our products not only provide you with additional revenue streams, but it also ensures improved retention of your clients, as it enables clients to continue with their debt review payments during life events that would normally have caused them to default.

• No Administration

You will merely refer your clients to us, and we will do the rest. DCCP takes care of all the administration associated with signing up a client or facilitating claims. The process takes up very little of your time.

• Enhance Service Offering

Our products empower you to enhance your service offering to your clients by providing them with protection and saving them money. This will also enable you to strengthen the relationships with your clients.


• No Medicals

No medical examinations are required and therefore the sign-up process is very convenient for your clients.


• Training

We provide you with training at your place of business, no matter where you are based in South Africa. Training can also be done virtually, should you prefer it.

• System Integration

Our system is integrated with most of the existing Debt Counselling front ends and Payment Distribution Agencies, and we can integrate with any system to accommodate your needs.

• Compliance Guaranteed

Your clients will merely be referred to us and you will not be providing advice on the insurance products. We are a registered Financial Services Provider and will be advising your clients. We guarantee 100% compliance with all requirements.

What Our Partners Say


Debt Rescue Logo

Head of Relationships | Debt Rescue

Pascal Sinclair

“We have used DCCP as a preferred Service Provider for the past 3 years and do not regret the decision at all. Their personal touch and always putting our needs first is what sets them apart from the rest. Thank you to Eddie and the team for the professionalism, honesty and most importantly for ensuring that our customers are at the centre of your business."

Partnered with more than 100 Debt Counsellors

Who We Are


We are a dynamic company with the sole purpose of partnering with Debt Counsellors, providing insurance products to their clients.
We realised that Debt Counsellors play a significant role in our country, as millions of people are over-indebted and need their help, yet it is challenging to run a profitable Debt Counselling business without additional revenue streams.
We were in the position to solve this problem by designing products that have proven itself over the years to be extremely beneficial to Debt Counsellors and their clients, as it generates income for Debt Counsellors and protect their clients.

Our mission is to empower Debt Counsellors and their clients to have more.



DC Credit Protect is managed by highly experienced professionals and serves Debt Counsellors all over South Africa.

Vic Hoops CEO of DC Credit Protect, South Africa.

Chief Executive Officer

Vic, an exceptional leader, has been employed on an executive level by AngloGold Ashanti, Simmer & Jack Mines, First Uranium and Durban Roodepoort Deep, where he was the chief negotiator with unions and associations. He is widely recognised for his diligence and superb relationship management.

AAA14-01 14-01 _DSC0315 124 204.jpg

Chief Sales Officer

Eddie is one of the most experienced individuals in South Africa pertaining to credit life insurance and has played a pivotal role in establishing and managing insurance call centers for some of the most prominent companies in the country. He is a qualified key individual with the FSCA and has 24 years' experience in the insurance industry.

Ernie Potgieter.jpeg

Operations Manager

Ernie brings over 24 years of insurance industry expertise, starting with Santam in 1999. With a background at Marsh McLennan, the world's largest insurance broker, Ernie’s multifaceted expertise extends to Sales Management, Operations, Underwriting, and General Management. Recognised as a Qualified Key Individual by the FSCA, Ernie's strategic acumen and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to DCCP, where he drives operational success.

Contact Us

Sales and Relationship Manager

Carel brings over 23 years of experience in the credit industry, having led management roles within the debt review industry, credit providers, banking and insurance. His strength lies in fostering synergy, supporting businesses, and delivering strategic guidance for enhanced operational efficiency, benefiting numerous clients.

ENA VERMEULEN, Sales and Relationship Manager, DC Credit Protect, South Africa.

Sales and Relationship Manager

The bulk of Ena's 29 year’s working experience has been within the insurance industry having had exposure to strategy, new business development, marketing, sales, operations, administration and general management. She has been a qualified Key Individual for more than 10 years.

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